March 28th, 2012

Quality photography for custom homebuilders

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Which house are you interested in?

Photographs are an extremely important part of your website for the potential client. They grab attention from the first look, illustrating specials and favorite examples of your custom homes on the front page. The right picture could be the decisive factor between a homebuilder looking further around your site, and leaving for a competitor’s.

Photographs also provide information. They show off your skill at constructing exteriors and designing interiors. Pictures are an excellent way to show off a particular design feature or detail you’re especially proud of. They give clients an impression of the scope and quality of your homes. Clients are often looking for a particular design style, which they’ll want to know if you can provide.

You’ll also want to show off your models and move-in ready homes. Offering floorplans, model types, and exterior shots are a great way to fully inform the client. The more pictures the better, especially if they are available together in a gallery for ease of browsing.

Having photographs is undeniably important. What about their quality? There’s a lot to think about when photographing homes. The right angles, lighting, and background details can make the difference between a beautiful-looking home and a subpar one. The better the picture, the better the house appears, and the more likely a client is going to be to stop and look at it. The better the picture, the better of a chance you have to sell that house. But composing those shots can be difficult.

Consider hiring a professional photographer for your luxury custom homes. They can turn a snapshot of a house front to a beautiful composition of an airy, well-light room, or glowing mahogany study, or color-drenched facade. The right photograph can turn the right house and you into the right relationship between client and custom home.

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