December 21st, 2015

Anything but Beige

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Few have failed to notice that the dominant color scheme of new construction is a universal beige, usually paired with white trim. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a real unpainted wood door or porch columns. How do you go about choosing the color scheme that is right for you without accidentally painting your house an over-saturated color so bright it aggravates your neighbors? How do you balance expressing some personality in a sea of beige without sticking out like a sore thumb? Here are some color scheme ideas for your home’s exterior that are anything but beige to inspire you to break out of the monotonous mold.


This scheme pairs dark neutrals with a rusty red trim, pale green accents, and natural mahogany-stained wood front door and garage door.  It’s fresh and contemporary while the red and green pairing gives it a woodsy feel. Try it on a heavily-wooded lot surrounded by trees.



This scheme brings sunny yellow into your life without going overboard. Pick a few surfaces to pop with brightness and the rest can be a medium tan. Give the trim a deep brown coat or leave the wood unpainted with a dark stain and paint the accents forest green. Add some personality with a pop of turquoise on the front door.



If your home has a Victorian vibe with lots of details, give it a pop with a dark teal body with contrasting ivory and burgundy trim and accents. You’ll be glad you paid extra attention to the little things.



If pale colors and a more traditional scheme are more your thing, try  a pale green body with white trim, dark green accents. Throw in a few pops of rusty orange, especially on your front door. You can also achieve this look using unpainted wood stained with a warm finish.



For a cool look, go monochrome! Use blueish-grays for the body of the house, white trim with dark teal accents, and pops of turquoise in the pediments and on the front door. This can also make a nice contrast to tan stone foundations.



Another dark, woodsy scheme uses natural wood browns that can be stained dark for the second story, front door and garage door, and then a lighter, warmer color in pediments for contrast. The first floor can be painted tan or be built as natural stone, while the trim is a dark teal-blue with goldenrod accents.

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