December 14th, 2015

Christmas Light Ideas for Outdoor Trees

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It’s that time of year: everyone is breaking out the lights for some festive holiday cheer. There are so many kinds of lights and so many creative ways to display them for the world. The trickiest, and the most gratifying, are always the trees. Those who are lucky enough to have great trees in front of their houses have been coming up with clever and beautiful ways to decorate for decades. Here are some tree-lighting designs to get you inspired this year.

1. The Spanish Moss. This method is beautifully striking and elegantly simple. Just hang entire strands vertically from the upper branches of the tree to just above the ground. Image via Your Cool City Blog

2. The Net. The concept is simple enough: You drape strands vertically and horizontally around the very exterior of the tree or a group of trees. The result is an interwoven net. Image via Car Angel

3. The Web. Strands are crisscrossed all around the perimeter of a tree to form a ball of light around the trunks. Image via Denver Post

4. The Cone. This would be especially great for evergreen trees which are naturally conical. Strands of lights are attached to a center point at the top of the tree and cascade down to the lowest branches. Image via Five Star Holiday Decor

5. The Classic. Everybody’s favorite way of decorating outdoor trees for the holidays: wrapping the trunks and biggest branches tightly with densely sparkling lights. These look especially good in a series along a street or in a cluster in your front yard. Image via Ourdoor Lighting Nashville

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