November 1st, 2013

There’s More to Curb Appeal Than Meets the Eye

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Curb Appeal

When hearing the term “curb appeal”, you would probably assume it just deals with whether a house is visually attractive or not.  While this is true, there is a lot more that goes into the curb appeal of a home.  There are things a new homeowner can do, like painting the front door a warm color, planting flowers, or including a comfortable bench on the front porch.  However, there are also things that can be included into the overall design of the house during building and design stages.

Designing a new home requires a keen eye for detail, and there are many subtle things you can do to enhance the overall appearance during the building stage.  Trees and even minimal landscaping can drastically improve the look of a new house.  Builder wrote that, “a recent study at the U.S. Forest Service in Portland, Ore., found that street trees can add close to $9,000 to the price of a home.  What’s more, homes within 100 feet of a home with street trees sell for more than homes in areas with no trees”.

The same can be said for neighborhoods with varying roof levels, sidewalks for pedestrians, and homes with front porches.  Varied roof levels make the neighborhood appear more aesthetically appealing and less rigid. Sidewalks encourage healthy lifestyles, as well as an open route of communication between neighbors.  A front porch is generally the standard for an open and inviting home.  However, any form of outdoor seating area promotes the same idea of a place where neighbors can gather and catch up, while their kids play in the front yard together.

All of these things provide a feeling of comfort, and transform them from house into livable homes.  Even in new developments it pays off to vary the models that are being placed next to each other.  When purchasing a new home, most people are investing in their future as well. People want to raise a family in an area that is warm and inviting and promoting a sense of community is an added bonus.  Builder adds, “even with a rebounding housing market, you have to make your work stand.  Whether you’re building one house or 1,000, being street smart will help you get ahead”.  Adding these small enhancements to their custom home will definitely raise the curb appeal, as well as the client’s overall happiness.

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