September 18th, 2017

Picking the Right Interior Colors

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Once you’ve settled on a floor plan and builder, you may think your decisions are over. Not so much! In some cases your builder may let you choose the paint colors for your newly crafted home, or you may be looking into some DIY once the home is built.

Either way, it all comes down to this: what colors will you choose for your new place?

Start With Your Favorites

Paint samplesHave a favorite color? That’s the perfect place to start! If you adore the color purple, you could look into using it as an accent color – purple throw pillows to complement gray living room walls, for example.

Take it one step further and look into what your favorite color says about you.┬áColors can have deeper meanings – and even affect your mood – so you’ll want to make sure that the paint color you choose is a true reflection of who you are.

Here are a few popular colors and their meanings, via The Spruce:

  • Red: fiery, warm, welcome.
  • Yellow: pleasant, cheerful (in small doses).
  • Blue: relaxing, easygoing.
  • Green: tradition, nature, abundance.
  • Neutrals: simplicity, balance.

Did any of those adjectives strike your fancy? That might be the color to use!

Working Your Color Into Your Home

Interior DecoratingNow that you’ve settled on a palette, you can start working on what rooms should be which color – and pick the accompanying furniture and decor to match.

If your favorite color is vibrant and strong (say, hot pink or firetruck red), you might not want to splash it all over your walls. Instead, you could paint the walls themselves a nice neutral – think sage green or slate grey. Your beloved color could then be used as an accent against the walls, giving you the perfect pop of color in your living space.

Pinterest Is Your Friend

Of course, we can’t forget about Pinterest! Collect a collage of your favorite items, colors, decorations, and more to create a room inspiration board. After awhile, you’ll likely see a pattern start to emerge – and you might even find some DIY tricks and awesome decor pieces to incorporate into your new home.

Still Stuck?

Many custom builders offer interior design assistance or design centers to help you pull together your style for your new home. And if all else fails, it’s always fun to take a quick quiz to see what style they think you have!

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