April 13th, 2012

April is New Homes Month

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April is New Homes Month! Record-low interest rates and competitive prices make the custom home market an attractive potential for many families. But many people are also still keeping an eye on their budget. Custom homebuilders are creating energy efficient and space efficient homes, with multipurpose rooms, that offer beauty and comfort while keeping costs trim.

For example, spaces are being reworked. Custom homebuilders are designing common areas like kitchens for maximum family interaction, while buyers are less interested in little-used rooms such as formal dens. Rather than a large home office, custom homes can offer “pocket offices”, small spaces for home management. Other corners of space, like window seats, provide cozy alcoves for a private area while not taking up precious square feet.

If the property is smaller to begin with, custom homebuilders can offer increased amenities as compensation. Libraries are becoming more and more common, in addition to the long-popular media room. Cost efficiency for space may include a redesign of exteriors. Multiple roof lines take up interior volume, so rectangular designs are more cost effective. A new custom home can include architectural details that take advantage of that redesign. Consider what you could add to this modern look, such as mixed materials, and large windows for additional light. Offering keen selections as a custom homebuilder helps your homebuyer research the exact look they are dreaming of. Remember that 9 out of 10 people find a custom builder by website, so having those selections and floorplans posted for viewing is very beneficial.

Because of budget concerns and changing cultural diversity, many families are now living together in multiple generation homes. A custom homebuilder can offer “shadow” units, separate living units alongside the the main floorplan. Offering two master suites, especially one on a ground floor so as to be accessible for elderly occupants, may interest many of your homebuyers. A custom home is of course dedicated to the unique style and needs of the family buying it, so consider the different options you want to offer for all types of family blends. Custom homebuilders are especially talented at and suited for creating custom homes for complex or special arrangements.

These changes in home design are exciting to see. For more information about house design in the new year, check out this NAHB article. We at Custom Builders hope you have a great New Homes Month in April.

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