July 26th, 2012

Custom building and home builder software

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As a custom home builder, you’re in close contact with your home owners and your prospective home buyers. Have you heard about Lasso CRM? Their home builder software is designed exclusively for real estate sales and marketing professionals, delivering all the tools you need to manage your leads, build lasting client relationships, and convert more prospects to purchasers.

Lasso’s system comes with plenty of benefits, including a pay-as-you go system that includes free weekly updates, a strong training and support team, free webinars, and, of course, major returns on you investment. Their home builder software has five major features:

Lead Management: As a custom homebuilder, you’re investing a lot of money into marketing to generate interest and leads. Use Lasso and you won’t have to worry about losing those leads, and it makes managing them almost effortless. You can capture, distribute, and track every lead from your web registration page, model home kiosk, iPads and other tablets, as well as online directories. Every online lead will automatically receive a personal, themed email acknowledging their interest. And a notification is sent to your sales agent. With such fast and personal follow-up, you’ve the beginnings of a relationship.

The agent’s dashboard is designed uniquely for real estate selling: new leads by project, prospects by rating category, and there are auto alerts to prompt the day’s (and future’s) to-do’s. With Lasso you can focus on your home buyers and sales without worrying about the ‘administrivia’.

Convert Prospects: With Lasso you can schedule systematic follow-up process, including automatic alerts. The net result is more appointments and so more conversions. Prospect profiles are comprehensive and easily updated with all contact history and notes. Quick reference is available wherever you go, at the office or on the road.

Lead Intelligence: Lasso’s special Lead Intelligence program provides critical information into the unique buying interests and preferences of your leads. Sales agents are also instantly alerted whenever prospects return to your website; follow-up is timely, personal, and tailored to their most recent interests. Lasso will pinpoint which media is delivering the best leads by source and publication. That way you can gauge the results of campaigns and media spending, moving around your budget to best maximize ROI.

Email Marketing: Naturally email marketing is built right into Lasso’s CRM. You can easily create and send professional mass mail campaigns to potential homebuyers and realtors, without the cost of external email providers. Target your email campaigns with any desired criteria, like sales rating or last visit. Lasso offers industry-specific templates to convey your project identity, home features, plan types, and more. Their system will even let you confirm RSVP’s and allow registrants to update their profile online. There’s real-time reporting on open rates, click-throughs, and forwards; effortlessly resend to all those who didn’t view the prior mailing.

Realtor Communications:  Do external realtors and brokers play a significant role in connecting home buyers to your new projects? With Lasso you can maintain the same level of communication with them as you would potential home buyers. With their realtor database you can track and manage your brokers, and alert them to upcoming project launches, open houses, and community events. It’s also a great tool to pinpoint the top performing external brokers.

Purchaser Tracker: Tired of spreadsheets? Reduce costly errors and save time and money with a single CRM database to view and track everything: all deal activity, inventory, pricing, and contracts. You can also prepare purchaser activity, broker assignments, deposits due, escrow amounts, and payment information. Use Lasso’s home builder software to automatically populate professional contracts to present to purchasers. It’s an easy way to create options and upgrade packages, plus will keep important documents in one place for easy reference. You’ll have digital storage of contracts, galleries, and floor plan ideas to offer your custom home buyer.

Reporting:  Lasso’s system has a variety of comprehensive reports: standard traffic, sales activity, purchaser and financial reports. All can be personalized to your vernacular and downloaded for presentations or offline analysis. They also design and develop custom reports for your unique operations. All of this information is easily available for informed decision making. Lasso supports industry standards like CSV and XML, so data can be easily exported for external reporting or integration requirements.

For a full list of Lasso’s home builder software features, check here.

As a custom home builder, you deserve custom software – programs adapted to your exact needs that empower you to turn potential custom home buyers into happy home owners. Lasso’s home builder software can make that happen.

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